1. Civil and Environmental Engineering

• Structural and Earthquake Engineering

• Environmental Sciences and Engineering

• Water and Coastal Engineering

• Soil and Foundation Engineering

• Transportation Planning and Management

• Construction and Fire Safety

2. Computing and Information Technology

• Artificial Intelligence

• Image Processing

• Cloud Computing

• Computer Networking

• Natural Language Processing

• Algorithms, Software and Middleware

3. Textile Material, Clothing, and Industrial Engineering

•Textile Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

•Fiber and Composite Material

•Polymer Science and Chemical Engineering

•Apparel and Fashion

•Smart and Innovative Textile

•Green and Sustainable Industrialization

4. Electrical and Electronic Devices and System Modelling

• Power System, Energy Conversion

• Robotics, Control and Automation

• Biomedical Engineering

• Electronics Circuits and Devices, Nanoengineering

• Communication, Wireless Technology

• Electrical Circuit and Analysis