About PCIU

Port City International University is one of the most renowned universities in Chattogram which has been focusing on assisting the students in facing the challenges of the ever-advancing world. The academic activities are conducted by four faculties: Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law, and Faculty of Science & Engineering. It provides an outstanding and supportive environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.


International Conference on Sustainable Development in Technology for 4th Industrial Revolution aims to provide the platform for research communities, engineers, scientists, students to share their research experience and innovative ideas in all aspects of the field of engineering and technology. It also focuses on what types of technology should be taken, how they would be integrated, and what effect they may have on our society. Developing an Informed, collective understanding of the benefits, challenges, and other issues arising from taking in the 4 IR (Industrial Revolution) for achieving sustainable development are the primary goals of this conference. To promote sustainable industries and invest in research, development, and innovation is an important way to facilitate sustainable development.

Final Meeting of Technical Program Committee (TPC) of ICSDTIR-2021

The final meeting of Technical Program Committee (TPC) of ICSDTIR-2021 was held On February 15th, 2021, in the Hall room (310) which focused on the final decision regarding the status of all the submitted papers which were reviewed by the two reviewers consisting of blind review process. During the meeting, members presented their opinions, thoughts and decisions on the selected papers followed by suggestions on various issues about the first ever international conference of Port City International University.
The main session started right after the lunch at 2:30 pm which lasted for about 90 minutes. At the beginning of the session, the TPC chairperson, Mr. Swarup Chakraborty presented the current status of all the papers from four different tracks. After detailed discussion, the TPC members came to final decisions about all the papers and concluded the meeting. Total 44 papers are accepted from 87 submitted papers. The percentage of acceptance is around 50%.